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startup founder - echo notes

I'm currently the CEO of Echo Notes, a future-self messaging platform.

From chatting 5 minutes into the future to texting yourself in 10 years, Echo Notes gives you a new way to communicate, remind, and reflect.

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startup founder - sheepit

I'm the former CEO of SheepIt, a herd management tool for small farmers.

SheepIt helps you track all the data associated with your sheep, schedule checkups and medication, prepare tax and regulator paperwork, etc.

for my technical qualifications, please see my linkedin or github. see my games here

software engineer

Since I was nine years old, I've been designing and developing video games and creating original puzzles.

It started with this app and this book, has produced these games, and led me to UWaterloo's Computer Science program.

hardcore game developer

I've made dozens of games but most prominently, after 400 hours, 3 iterations of my physics engine, and 4 full graphic sets, I finally released Split Second on Coolmath Games!

I also designed 36 mind-bending puzzles, and produced a release trailer.

chess competitor

Six months after learning to play, I qualified for the 2019 Canadian Junior Chess Championship. I also won the Victoria Chess Challenge.

I even programmed a (pretty bad) chess engine, and this analysis board that's perfect for chess instructional videos.

engine programmer

I, Alex, and Justin, programmed a world-class chess engine together, the Hagnus Miemann Chess Engine.

We built a professional-level text interface and an engine to back it up that ranks in the top 200 engines in the world.

award-winning game designer

At Jamhacks V 2021, a continent-wide high school hackathon, Jayden Hagerty and I were awarded third place for our game, Split Second.

We created it from scratch in 24 hours. The original hackathon version can be played here.

3-time world record holder

In 2021, I put ten years of speed-cubing practice to use, and broke three Guinness World Records.

I got media coverage and livestreamed the events on my YouTube channel, to inspire young people like me to shoot for the stars.


In my photography portfolio, you can see some of my favourite photos. I especially enjoy nature photography.

At times, I've really enjoyed putting Rubik's cubes in my photos too. 🙂 

math nerd

When I was in grade two, I discovered that consecutive squares always differ by the sum of their roots: (n + 1)^2 - (n)^2 = (n + 1) + n.

Since then, I've discovered a novel way to generate the reciprocal of natural logarithms, won math contests, and created awesome math puzzles!

algorithm designer

Myself and four peers made a robot that solves a Rubik's cube, using only five motors. I wrote our solution system from scratch, designing nearly 200 original algorithms.

It employs dynamic image recognition, a bitboard data-representation model. Here's our showcase video, and here's the report.

origami artist

I've been folding origami for a decade. Starting with various paper planes, I taught myself many folding techniques, and I learned the special kind of patience 10,000 creases take.

Here's a photo of my Titan Beetle from 2017, designed by Shuki Kato.